This would not take place in your country


In 2019, when I had been living in confinement for many years, I was finally informed by written that I am officially suspect of having illegally benefitted EDP in around 1, 200 million euros in 2007, as a result of an agreement with Mr. Mexia in 2005 to sponsor his appointment as EDP CEO in exchange of him “imposing” to a school in the US to invite me after I left government.


  • I did not favor EDP, that has been confirmed by the EU Commission and numerous studies
  • I did not sponsor the appointment of Mr. Mexia, which can be easily confirmed, on the contrary I expressed reservations, although he is known as a top manager
  • I gave classes in 7 universities around the world, always with part time appointment and token salaries

Given this, prosecutors investigated in other directions totally unrelated with EDP, for example my relationship with my previous employer.

Question 1: In your country, if the EU Commission would have taken a formal decision that a company had not been legally aided by the state, and if that is confirmed by numerous studies by academics and consultants, would justice appoint official suspects of having illegally favored the company?

Question 2: Would in your country Justice investigate for 9 years decisions that took place in 2007 (14 years)? Is this acceptable?

Question 3: Would in your country Justice maintain a former public official under official suspicion during 4 years without giving him the right to make a statement, not least accusing him of nothing?

Question 4:Would in your country eventually Justice leak to the press your tax filings legally protected by secrecy?

Question 5: Have you ever been a victim of breach of private mail?

This is a small sample of what you will read in Confined.

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