Fabulous students



It was a blessing to teach hundreds of extremely talented students and help them grasping energy policy and its relationship with the future of planet Earth.


I am very proud of how they are developing their personal and professional lives and believe that they are committed to contributing to creating clean energy systems at the lowest cost possible.


In my classes, I always stimulated students to express their opinion and take initiatives. I am very proud to see how they are developing as citizens and professionals, a few have invited me for their wedding and we still keep in touch. Many contributed with their testimonials to the book; their response has been awesome.

It was a privilege to be introduced to the family of many of them; parents put a tremendous effort in creating conditions for their children having the best education and that is not enough recognized. I really enjoined having had the privilege to teach your kids and let you know that I am from a European country, the Justice of which believes that I am not good enough to teach in a good university.


My experience with Prof. Pinho was unique among all my friends in my life. I did not expect that but it did make a significant impact in my life. I respect this man and cherish the life lessons he shared with me. I still remember one ordinary night we stood outside his apartment building in New York, talking about my recent difficulties and seeking for advice. This intellectual old man lighted a cigarette and spoke: “You can make a cloud but you cannot make it rain”. This conversation became a good memory and a life motto to myself. I think that’s what this special friend of mine gifts me – pursue the life that you want to have at your most, while enjoy the process of getting there and stay inner peace.

Sheng Yan
Master on energy and environment, Columbia University
Beijing, China


I remember professor Pinho’s class as one of the most meaningful educational experiences of my life. To me, professor’s Pinho class would approach me to the fundamental aspects of the energy topic and the intersections with climate change and the oil and gas agenda globally.

Director, LATAM, Sustainable Finance
HIS Markit
New York city


We took a whole semester of global energy policy from Professor Pinho in 2011. Though difficult, the course was wildly popular because he made the mundane textbooks and academic journal articles come alive by having us do the real-world case studies and play simulation games. Thanks to the inspirations by his course, we decided to enter the energy industry, which, in retrospect, has turned out to be a good decision for both of us.




Masters of International Affairs, Columbia University, 2011
Energy professionals
Houston, Texas


Professor Pinho’s course greatly surpassed my expectations due to its international approach and practical focus. In hindsight, it was one of the most influential and useful courses of my master’s program. Little did I know that, a couple of years later, I would apply my classroom experience to a real-world situation, as I participated in the design, drafting and enactment of Mexico’s very own energy reform (a milestone that also made it to the front page of the New York Times in its own right).

Alejandro Chanona Robles
Mexican Energy Regulation Commission 
Mexico City, Mexico

Very few people have shaped and marked my academic education in the way that Professor Manuel Pinho has. His contributions to my professional and personal growth are without a doubt something I cherish constantly, and I can confidently say that he has been of great influence in my life. I am honored to put in a few words what a privilege it was to be Mr. Pinho’s student and sit in his class.

Mexico City, Mexico 

While Mr. Pinho encourages the academic accomplishments of his students, their development as individuals is equally important to him. He will bring the real world into the classroom, inspiring you to seek experiences that connect you with peers across the globe, challenge you to acquire new life skills and re-shape your worldview. Perhaps Mr. Pinho himself is my best example of what life-long learning means.

Celine Rottier
Investment officer
European Investment Bank


I met Manuel in 2016 where he was a visiting professor at the University if Queensland and giving a course on Global Energy Policy. It was one of the best courses I have taken at the University. Manuel is a leader in global energy policy. He is a consummate communicator and story teller. At the end of the class term Manuel facilitated a group from the class to attend a global energy seminar in Beijing. Having studied the theory of energy policy in class we were then able meet with many important policy makers and researchers in China. I am sure the upcoming book will be very interested read.

Greg Paulsen
Principal System Engineer at HKRP Australia PTY Ltd

Portugal will hopefully play another role in my near future. After COVID pandemic is over, my fiance and I want our wedding to take place in Portugal – and obviously, we would be honored if Professor Pinho could attend!   

Kseniya Shelkovskaya
Siemens AG
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

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